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Here’s the ever abiding argument across the HR and recruiting world, and this doesn’t seem to be reaching a conclusive focal point, I’m sure you most likely have asked yourself this question and you aren’t just sure about what works best.

The Background Arguments

Recruiters in certain countries argue that the advantages of not including your picture is more than that of including it and that it eliminates the risks of being disqualified or discredited on the basis of gender, skin-colour, age, race etc. and that the person viewing your Cv/resume has only your skill strengths, work experience and other information to judge your application, thus reducing the chances for any form of discrimination which is rightly so. And some would inform you; how that seeing a picture helps build a complete personality profile, as you can see the face behind the information and thus affording for a much more informed decision making process, as even those who don’t request for pictures would still likely check out your social profiles online, if you included relevant links in your Cv/resume, before they make a decision to interview or hire you.

The Journey

So basically, before making your decision to include or not include your picture, be sure to run your check on the industry and company you’re applying to, as to being sure of their preferences and norms, especially when hunting for international jobs e.g. when applying to most European countries excluding UK, Ireland, Holland,  Sweden and also the USA and Canada, pictures are not allowed although they’ll still likely run a check on your social profiles online, also when applying to German companies, their laws don’t permit pictures but the companies actually want it. But in places like China, Japan, Spain, Italy and Greece pictures are allowed, although, it should be a professional headshot against a plain background. In Australia, it’s dependent on the industry and sector you’re applying to e.g. for sales and designers, it’s preferred they include their pictures.

Destination Arrival

Conclusively, deciding to include or not include your picture should be determined by what country and industry you are applying to and what’s acceptable in your field, so I advise you have 2 layouts for your Cv/resume (one that carries your picture and one that doesn’t), so wherever you’re applying to you can be sure you’re optimized for their preferences, and you don’t find yourself arguing with the system at all times, but be sure to include professional headshots only If you’re including a picture, and if you’re a creative/designer or artist include a artistic headshot of yourself


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Godman Oluwaseun Ajayi, Executive team lead and Lead consultant at Get a job. 

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