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Crafting a winning CV can be very tasking when it’s a fresh CV i.e.  a tabula-rasa and that’s why even most professional CV writers tend to charge more for this service.


Quite interesting can developing a fresh CV feel like, with no prior seemingly relevant experience, as this sometimes limits the ability a Job seeker or fresh graduate to make a much needed positive impression through their personal brand items (your CV & other items you put out there to attract those opportunities are your personal brand items).

There’s Always Something:

If you find yourself in such situation, what you need to firstly understand is that there is no such a human being without a work experience, oh bugger! I know u probably didn’t think so; most people fail to recognize that it doesn’t have to be a paid or paying experience for it to be a valid experience. Valid experiences could evolve from volunteer activities, leadership commitments in social groups, religious groups, and activities done in the family business or even work done at home. What you need to know is how to effectively communicate these experiences in a professional way, and you also need to leverage more on what value you have to offer your potential employers in terms of skills that you have developed or learnt either formally or informally.

You also can highlight work experiences from your intern experiences if you have one or worked somewhere while studying, as most employers actually consider such as valid experience, highlighting them in light of the skills learnt through such experiences e.g. A working student does not only focus on studies and monitoring grade index etc, he also has to keep up to employers expectations, this develops in the student multi-tasking skills, also highlighting achievements and CGPA if you have a high one is alright.

Talking Forward:

Conclusively, if you are wondering and still saying I’ve got nothing or I’ve got no skills, I think the next step for you is to engage in a form of skill acquisition (formally or informally). There are courses you can learn online free, although you have to pay for some if you want certification e.g. on Coursera, Udemy etc.

You could also consider volunteering at an organization that would afford you relevant experience in your chosen field stating clearly your purpose for volunteering and after a while you will be able to list it on your CV/RESUME, no one asks if you were paid or not, it’s what you did that matters, and also this helps you develop a network with the company staff and you could use their recommendations where applicable. So take a step and do what’s needful today.


Godman Oluwaseun Ajayi, Executive team lead and Lead consultant at Get a job.

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